Wedding Website

Want to take some of the headache out of getting married? Then a wedding website is definitely the way forward.

When our client Sonia came to us she was looking to do just this with a small web application both to provide pertinent information about her upcoming wedding to her guests, but also to allow the guests to interact and provide personal preferences. An additional complexity was added because the site was also required to be in Spanish language as well as English as half of the guests that were attending would be from Sonia's home country of Spain. 

The back end web app allows guests to log in, select whether they will be attending or not, to access gift registry, select their evening meal and dessert/ drink choices, choose whether they will require transportation and even to make requests for songs on the night, which were then automatically forwarded to her DJ. 

In addition on the day itself the application allowed guests to log in over the wi-fi provided within the venue and to upload their pictures that they had taken on the day directly to their personal website as well as to leave messages for the bride and groom. 

Sonia Santana-Varela
Project Summary
Fully responsive, interactive PHP WebApp.
Project Type
Web Application
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